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          Sharon Patricia Burtner is an author, a screenwriter, and an actor. She has written a collection of poems, partnered with photos, entitled Afterimage, which won first place in the 2015 Writer’s Digest self-published e-book awards. She is also the author of Transforming Moments; The Miracle Workbook, an empowering journal packed with essays, suggested writing topics and exercises, and Witness Unalive, character-driven dramatic fiction (2004 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition Semi-Finalist), and the art book Suspect or Saint? Sharon has written multiple screenplays including Foam (2016 Short Screenplay Finalist, Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Competition), From Mouse to Man (2016 Short Story Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival), The Donor, adaptation of Witness Unalive (2016 Screenplay Semi-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival), and Skipping Backwards (2014 Official Selection, Spotlight on Screenwriters).

          Sharon currently lives in North Carolina on a little river. She has also lived in Northern Virginia, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Brazil and Honduras. In recent years, Sharon has enjoyed playing background roles in House of Cards, Veep, Mercy Street and Turn, as well as the voice of Priscilla in Replenishment. In addition to all forms of writing, Sharon loves kayaking, travel, painting and photography. Her latest obsession is found sculpture. Sharon forages for wood, primarily Cypress driftwood, and creates a persona for each piece, which includes an original haiku evocative of its essence. Meet Dolphin Dog, part of her Wood Spirit series:

Dolphin Dog

Get Your Dolphin Dog!

Likes to be petted
Quietly watches TV
Never has to eat…

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